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Mazama Nutrition - Online Nutrition Coaching, is dedicated to helping you lose weight, get in shape, and teach strategies, that fit healthy eating and habits, into your busy lifestyle. We want to help you learn lifetime eating habits, not crash, fad diets, or calorie counting.
At Mazama Nutrition you can make meaningful changes in your eating habits and fitness, that will have you feeling your best, live longer, have more energy, and reduce your stress.
There is no one diet that is perfect for everyone, so we will work with you, to find a diet that meets your needs.
Every day you will get lessons and a healthy lifestyle habit to practice. We will check in with you, give you support, and hold you accountable.
Our goal is to be here for you completely, through your sustainable health transformation.


Peak Nutrition: Sport's Nutrition Cookbook 

Written by Mazama Nutrition Coach, Maria Hines & Mercedes Pollmeier. 

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Choose Your Perfect Plan

We have the plan to meet your needs.

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Strong and Lean

Green Juice

Get Lean

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Tailored to You

Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

If you're looking to lose weight, build healthy eating habits, and receive online fitness coaching, this is an excellent program for you.

  • Goal setting.

  • Daily online mini nutrition lessons and habits.

  • Access to a coach to email any questions you may have.

  • Daily workouts that will be designed around your home workout equipment or gym.

Online Nutrition Coaching

Whether you want to lose weight, put on muscle, build healthy eating habits, or just learn more about nutrition, this program will  meet your needs.

  • Goal Setting.

  • Daily online mini lessons and habits.

  • Access to a coach to email any questions you may have.

Personally Tailored to You Online Nutrition Coaching

If you have specific diet guidelines or would like a special diet tailored to meet your health requirement or sports performance needs, this is the plan for you.  Whether it's for pre-diabetic, diabetic, ketogenic, vegan, etc.  we will work closely with you.

  • Goal setting.

  • Daily online mini-lessons and habits.

  • Access to a coach to email any questions you may have.

  • Two each, one on one, hour long, video cam meetings with your coach, each month. 


A la Carte

We offer the following services a la carte at an hourly rate.

Cooking Eggs

Online Cooking Classes

Working from Home

Online One on One Time with A Coach

Menu of the Day

Menu Planning

Online cooking classes of healthy recipes.

One of our coaches will spend an hour, via web cam, to answer any questions you may have about your nutritional needs, assistance in goal setting, assisting in how to be efficient in the kitchen, or any nutritional guidance you need.

We will personally design a menu, just for you and your nutritional needs. We'll take the guesswork out of planning daily meals, so you can focus on living and enjoying life.

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