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Coach Bahia Rowan

I am a nutrition coach who is dedicated to helping you achieve a joyful healthy relationship with food
and movement. I know first hand what it takes to make a lasting meaningful change. Ever heard of the
college 10? Well, after college, I just kept gaining weight until my doctors were becoming concerned. By
changing my portion sizes and increasing my daily activity level, I lost 40 pounds and have kept that
weight off for twenty years. As I found moving my trimmer body easier, it became much more enjoyable
to try activities like rock climbing, or hiking. Today I consider myself an outdoors woman. I love hiking
long distances, rock climbing, and road biking. I have learned how to fuel my body for my activities, so
that I can do my sport all day long, and feel able to do it again the next day. I learned that it is important
to eat real food in the right portions, to truly feel healthy.
As I was learning more about how to stay healthy and active, I was also learning that people all over the
world were struggling just as I used to. It made me want to help. I heard about nutrition coaching and
knew I had found a path to do just that. Through Precision Nutrition I became a certified nutrition
coach. Now I’m excited to put my experience and education to work to help others begin their journey
towards optimal health and vitality.


Coach Maria Hines

I'm a nutrition coach that is deeply passionate about helping you get the most out of life. A solid nutrition foundation will help you to lose weight, put on muscle, increase cognitive function, live longer, and cut down on illness.
As a chef for 30 years, owner of Tilth Restaurant in Seattle, and co-author of Peak Nutrition sport's nutrition cookbook, I've grown to understand that making food taste good is only part of what food does for us.
Using food as a delicious and holistic form of medicine is where we receive great benefit and longevity. 
If you're looking to expand your human potential and performance in life, please allow me to guide you through this experience.

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